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Aug 17, 2009
Up for your consideration is this 1980 Buick Regal 2 Door "Coupe" (in a "Sky Blue" Color). This car is in near "MINT" condition, and it's equipped with a 231 V-6 with 52,350 miles on it.

*This Model 1980 was "all-alone", and the only year with the the 4-lamp front end *(unlike her sisters in the 78' and 79' year models with a 2 lamp system).

The car is in "turn-key" condition, and it's in need of nothing. This car mimics that of a like a "Showroom new mint" example car !. This car was all gone though by myself, (I was a Dealership Mechanic and worked for years, at the Nations "Flagship Dealer)", Garber Buick in Saginaw MI.

This car underwent a "total makeover" amid a re-paint / all "Mechanical's". The Interior is a dark Blue valuer, and that same interior is as beautiful as I think, "you'll EVER see". The car is optioned with a full-function factory instrument cluster (WITH the optional full instrumentation gauges), I also installed an upgraded GM "Sport" Steering Wheel.

The car is optioned with some nice amenities like cruise, tilt, etc ... All the Body, Bumpers, and Sheet Metal are all original OEM Metal, and it has (and never had), ANY rust. "All the way down too the Body Mounts" (amid a new Exhaust & Tires), this car has again: "had everything" !.

It has a nice clear Title, and it has NEVER been in an accident EVER. *EVERYTHING'S been renewed". This would include mostly all of the engine seals; and engine component (i.e. the Starter, Alt. and AIR Pump, and an O.E.M. Radiator), ... to the headliner, interior, coolant, exhaust, even the oil is NEW Syn. with "ZDDP" additives ! *right down wiper motor, and the Frame (i.e. Body Mounts) "it's ALL been done".

The Chassis is "filthy" with grease and undercoating ! ...

Some like pictures: ("and they are here"), BUT I LIKE VIDEO'S ! * and in these Video's, I "adopted a theme" I call: "put up or shut up": I've included a video's that depicts her total disassembly, and In this clip, you'll see the car as I got her (years back), along with everything I had to do to "restore her" too what I feel is a like "show-room NEW example car.

HERE is ONE of the Video's:

Their are two others on "YouTube" about the car, and everything about Her.

In the other video's (2), *(aside on the one I preface in the above) ... you'll see the car totally "naked" (and striped), amid it then being "refinished". *All the way down too the Floor Pans, (and Engine), "too the interior being ALL totally redone", "it's all here". You can e-mail me with any questions. OF NOTE: This car has sat "idle", for nearly 20 years ! *I DO have a paper trail to PROVE this fact, and again: seeing really-is believing !

The price I'm asking is $7995.00 / O.B.O.

*Don't miss this chance to own T H E most pristine example of a Regal in existence !(for the 80' year model car) *Looking for "something to do" ? *"I'm sorry: theirs NOTHING here" ! The reason for my parting with the car is simple: "I don't do anything with it" ... so it's time for someone else to enjoy.

This car is again: "Like Showroom new", and she's driver ready !.

Thanks for reading, and feel free too make me an offer !. I reserve the right to stop any listing or "Auctions", as the car may also be listed on E-Bay / Craigslist / or other venue's.


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If it only had a/c. [emoji22]

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If it only had a/c. [emoji22]

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I have ANOTHER that "DOES" Dave ! ... *It's sometimes funny: IC MANY A/C "delete" cover plates ... (amid many examples with our "Buick's") ...

"I guess there's something for everyone" ? ;)