1980 Malibu Wagon, GN chassis, GN drive train

87 WE2

For Sale 1980 Malibu Wagon, GN chassis, formally GN drive train powered

I bought this car from my good friend Jim Dunn @ Buick Turbo Performance back in 2009 as a roller. I put the car back together with a cleaned up used motor and a new transmission from Michael’s Auto in NJ. About 6 months after I put it together I hurt the motor, I pulled the engine out to rebuild it and had decided to restore the car as well in the process.

I purchased a rotisserie and we pulled the body off the frame and began the restoration which was moving along fairly well then we had my first born 2010, now 2 kids, work, and my oldest started racing .25 midgets so everything has stopped with the restoration. We are about to enter into my daughters 3rd season of racing and I just do not have the time to finish this car. As much as it pains me to sell it, I need to focus on other things at this point, I will get back into cars for myself later in life.

That said I am offering the wagon as a roller with every part I have to finish the car. This project is at a point it can go any direction in, race car, street car, show car, or daily driver. It needs a direction on final body work, then paint and to be reassembled.

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The body and paint can be finished by the body shop it’s currently located at. I have those numbers if interested please contact me to discuss.

Details on the car:

Restored chassis:
87 GN Chassis, rear frame horns modified for the wagon body mounts.
Chassis was stripped bare, media blasted
A few body bushing locations were repaired
Boxed with GNS performance boxing kit
HR parts lower control arm re-enforcement's installed (weld in)
Frame, trans cross member, rear end - primed and painted gloss black
Upper control arm to lower control arm rein re-enforcement's installed (bolt in)
Factory rear control arms reconditioned, boxed, new bushings
New front and rear coil springs & isolators
New air bags in springs
New Hotchkis shocks front and rear
New stainless steel classic tube fuel and brake lines
New brake proportioning valve
Front upper and lower control arms reconditioned, powered coated, new ball joints, control arm bushings
Stock spindles reconditioned
New rotors and bearings drilled/slotted AC Delco
SSBC Force 10 front calipers & new lines
New bolts, washers, nuts throughout
Chassis braces
Bump stops
Body bushings & GNX bushings

Stock 8.5 GN Posi rear end:
Media blasted & painted, New brakes, reconditioned drums, new wheel cylinders.
ATR solid rear sway bar
Stock front sway bar new hardware
New center link, idler arm, new inner outer tie rods and billet aluminum tie rod adjusters
4 - OEM Turbo T wheels

Mounted to rotisserie and media blasted underside
At body shop rust damage/repair was made with new panels fabbed and new lower quarters installed
Body and doors put in primer
Inside primed and painted satin black
Underside prepped/painted with por-15 then prepped and sprayed with bed liner material.
Doors & tailgate jambs on body and door’s & tailgate painted white
Gloss black fire wall
New GM NOS fenders installed
Have 2 hoods for it one the original I attempted to mig weld the turbo bump in. Sheet metal warped (to much heat needs to be tig welded) hood could be fixed to make work or can install the other hood a mint original OEM hood from low mileage car.
Header panel
Factory front bumper, rear fiberglass roll pan
Flush mounted rear marker lights, LED
LED 3rd brake light kit for tailgate goes in new license plate pocket above plate
Spaghetti engineering brake lights for OEM taillight housings
Can include new feather-light composites fiberglass bumpers with valance
Stock fender wells from low mileage car
Can include 2 sets of GNX fender vents I had planned to install in fenders. Have inner collars also
Core support, hood hinge brackets, hood latch, hood springs, etc… media blasted and power coated
Missing AC/Heat box – I planned to custom install and vintage air unit up under dash with custom fire wall block off plate
New outer door handles
Have all wiring for body and interior some new, 2 wire harnesses for engine & 2 for the dash,
New gas tank with new straps, new EFI hanger for fuel pump
New weather stripping
All glass is wrapped up and good (minus windshield)

Complete Interior:
Mint blue Turbo T dash, fire wall padding, and steering wheel - from low mileage car
Gray tilt steering column with column shift - needs painted blue
Custom built gauge cluster with speed hut gauges, carbon fiber wrap that matches radio surround and plate above glove box (have Malibu emblems to mount on plate).
New top speaker dash plate blue
Multiple sets of seat belts
Original and new carpet in the box
New carpet for the rear cargo area
Original door panels, rear cargo area panels and tailgate 2 sets each, 2 sets of B pillars, a pillars
Front and rear seats in good shape I planned to use them as is but could be recovered to be show perfect

Link to build thread, all photos I have for the car and its progress from the time I purchased it can be found here: http://s229.photobucket.com/albums/ee177/turbo231/Malibu/?start=all

Roller with all parts listed above for body and interior (minus engine & transmission) $8500

For an additional amount I will include the 3.8L Turbo engine (needs machine work and reassembly) and Transmission and all other parts I have turbo regal related. Or I will sell the engine and trans separately or part out items. Holding off on that for now I would like to sell everything as a package to see this car put back together and alive again.