1983 Hurst/Olds - mild pro-touring

Factory Posi, T-tops, Sand Gray Interior (RARE, most cars had Maple Red interior)
Car number 2974/3001 for the 1983 H/O’s, built last day of H/O production in March 1983.
Mileage: 106,580
Location: Kansas City, MO


I have owned this car for over 10 years; it has been a lot of fun. The car has been built to accept a high performance small or big block Olds. Life has gotten in the way of my time to work on it the past few years, and I eventually want to try something different; hence, it is for sale or trade. A lot of the hard work has already been finished, and this car handles and drives incredibly well. All modifications done have been bolt-on in nature; therefore, the car could be returned to stock relatively easily if desired.

Engine: Original Olds 307 (numbers match), rebuilt for mild performance. Comp custom hydraulic cam (mild), milled/ported heads, Edelbrock intake, American Racing stainless steel headers ($1000), 2.5” Torque Tech true dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. Car still runs on CCC system (quite well), carb has been rebuilt with throttle shafts rebushed. Will run on 87 octane with no changes (180 psi cranking compression), though I typically use 91/93 octane. Car will run 160* in 95* weather all day long on highway or around town (even with A/C on, will still only run 180-190*). The car has gone 14.27@93 mph in the ¼ mile, which is moving well for a low compression CCC engine in a heavy car. Cost to replicate engine and exhaust: $5,000.

Transmission: Original OZ code 200-4R (numbers match), rebuilt to easily handle 500 lb-ft of torque by reputable 200-4R builder. Also installed is a new Edge Racing Converter, 9.5” diameter, lockup, 2700 stall. Has PTS Xtreme sheet metal pan with bottom feed sump. Auxiliary trans cooler installed in front of radiator. Cost to replicate transmission/converter: $1,750.

Rear End: 1983 H/O’s came from the factory stock with a 7.5” rear. I swapped it out for a GM 8.5” rear end from an Arizona Turbo Regal (zero housing rust!), rebuilt with new GM 3.73 gears, Eaton 30 spline posi, Moser 30 spline axles, relocation brackets installed for four link LCA adjustability, and welded axle tubes. Also installed was a new 3” steel driveshaft with solid u-joints. Cost to replicate rear end/driveshaft: $1,700.

Suspension: Front suspension has SC&C Stage 2 package (SPC upper arms and Howe Ball Joints), Lee Power Steering Box, ZQ8 S-10 spindles (to use sealed hub bearings and support C6 brake installation), and all new Moog steering parts. A Detroit Speed steering shaft was recently installed to eliminate rag joint slop. Rear suspension has Currie Currectrac upper and lower arms (uppers are adjustable). Eibach springs and Edelbrock shocks are installed on all 4 corners. Cost to replicate suspension: $2,000.


Brakes: C6 disc brakes are installed on all four corners, with brand new non-Corvette logo calipers, DBA slotted rotors and Hawk performance ceramic brake pads. The rear disc conversion is a one-off special with Kore3 brackets that I had custom modified to work on a G-body rear. All new Lokar parking brake cables are installed, they just need to be connected in the middle near the trans crossmember. All hubs/axles have ARP studs installed with McGard lug nuts. Cost to replicate brakes: $2,000.

Pictures of the rear end and brakes are located here: http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/103651-G-body-C5-C6-rear-disc-conversion-KORE3-kit

Wheels: Billet Specialties Street Lites, 17x8 on all 4 corners, with Nitto NT555 tires in front (245 wide), Nitto NT555R drag radials in rear (275 wide). Wheels are sealed with shine seal for virtually no polishing maintenance. Cost to replicate wheels/tires: $1,500.

Chassis: Body bushings were replaced with new Energy suspension poly, frame and floors painted at that time. New stainless steel brake and fuel lines were installed from Classic Tube with braided Kore3 stainless flexible brake lines. Cost to replicate chassis: $800.

Here is a picture of the floors a few years ago after it was painted, before I switched to headers/true dual exhaust.


Accessories: All new Air Conditioning parts (AC Delco compressor, condenser, evaporator, dryer, Four Seasons hoses), with fresh charge of R-12, blows COLD! New Powermaster 140 amp alternator. Cooling system is a brass/copper radiator and hoses with less than 10k miles. Heater core replaced at same time as A/C evaporator. Steering column was recently gone through with new GM turn signal switch and wiper control switch along with NOS cruise control lever.

Interior: Interior is stock with older replacement carpet. Has brand new Autometer oil pressure and water temperature gauges installed below radio on center console, with Gbodyparts.com gauge holder. I also installed a Retrosound Model One radio (with shaft knobs) in order to play MP3 files and connect to external inputs. The speakers have been replaced as well. The Lightning rods have been rebuilt with new pins and NOS shift cable. The shifter top plate has been signed by Linda Vaughn (Miss Hurst), Doc Watson (H/O creator) and Warren Johnson (raced ’83-84 H/O styled pro stock cars). The interior is probably a 6-7/10. No significant rips/tears, some sun damage and dry rot due to T-tops and standard wear.


Exterior: Car is overall extremely solid for a G-body T-top car. Paint is the original factory lacquer, and is exhibiting the typical checking due to age. It appears that somebody painted the hood at one point. No rust in T-tops, some scaly rust under doors, and typical rust in the driver’s rear wheel well to trunk floor seam. I have a brand new patch piece to fix the wheel tub rust that is included with sale. Car will not need sheet metal replacement with the exception of the small patch and potentially work in bottom of doors. Trunk floor needs some patching due to cuts made to repair body bushings. A rare aluminum front bumper insert with H/O air dam brackets installed along with an NOS front license plate bracket.

Included with Sale: Month-old California Dustop Car Cover ($220). Original 15” H/O chrome SSIII wheels with BFG Radial T/A tires, almost all original parts that were removed (exhaust manifolds, radio, A.I.R. system (some of it low mileage new GM parts), original factory spark plug wires, stock suspension, etc…).

Price/Trades: Asking price for a cash sale is $13,000. I am firm on this price, any lower and I’ll just keep it... I am not in a situation where I need to sell the car for any reason. If you add up the large scale modifications done above, the price to recreate them is $14,750 without including the base price to buy a solid H/O. If I totaled up my parts receipts for this car, I would easily hit $18,000. A buyer can put a real motor in it and have a lot of fun, or cruise it as-is…the car is peppy with the 307.

For trades, I am generally interested in muscle cars (pre-1972) or LS powered F-bodies. Trade value would be considered higher than the cash value. I am considering building something to compete in the Pure Stock drags and get away from pro-touring for a while. If it’s a project car, that’s okay, but I prefer something that doesn’t need paint and/or significant rust repair. I can potentially add cash to trade up for the right car.

Extras: If the car sells, I have nearly all the rare NOS parts to restore the car… GM stripe kit, NOS nose and interior emblems, all marker lights, overflow bottles, woodgrain dash trim and vents, switches, radio face, door handles, underhood parts, south low mileage doors, etc… Parts are NOT FOR SALE until the car sells and are available for extra cost. Also potentially available for extra cost is a 433 cubic inch BBO, 435 HP/498 lb-ft torque, pump gas street engine, dyno’d and ready to run, with all accessory brackets to put the engine in this car. I will not respond to inquiries on any individual parts unless it is in conjunction with a deal on the car.

I can supply plenty of pictures with any details to interested buyers/traders, though I’m not interested in supplying picture collectors. Thanks for looking!
SICK CAR!! Good luck with sale, I wish I had the funds.... Mike
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