1984 Buick Regal T type project $3500 obo


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1984 Buick Regal T type/Grand National project. $3500 obo
Started the process of tearing it down and doing the paint and body work to it, I have the doors/fenders/headerpanel/hood in primer, Can put the car back together if someone is interested in it but to me it would be pointless if someone were going to paint it because you will be tearing it apart again. Car has been converted over to the 86/87 3.8 turbo so its intercooled also. Car does run and drive but needs work. Car has new headliner new sun visors and new carpet. Reason of sell baby on the way. Car is located in Waco TX Thanks,Jeff



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Just needs to be looked over, I notice when I drove it it felt like it needed brakes it would stop but they felt alittle weak and also I notice when the guy did the conversion with the motor he didnt hook up the wire that controls the injectors, I have the wire diagram to hook it up just havent yet.