1986 Buick T-type


Jan 31, 2011
This ad is for my 1986 T-type, She is an original Canadian Export Car,

Some cool things about the car can be seen on the RPO my favorite is the original 145 mph speedo and lightweight aluminum supports See RPO attached below.

Engine is new with under 100 miles, I would say 98% of the engine compartment is new, she drives extremely tight feels like a new car sounds great. Everything below is new, with receipts and warranty:
New Crate Engine, Battery ,Alternator, Starter, Cam and Crank sensor, TPS, IGN module/coil pack, ac compressor ,ac condensor, water pump all gaskets, fuel pump fuel filter gas tank and fuel lines were also replaced.

Paint i would rate 6.5 /7 out of 10 im picky, A new paint job would make her a really really nice car. She's a great daily driver or perfect for the price conscious buyer out for the best bang for their buck. Small amount of rust behind driver side rear well see pics some bubbling.
Floors are clean! Doors are Clean!

BRF Transmission is a stock rebuild with new DexVI fluid / filter. B&M Trans cooler up front as well.

Performance wise,
37# injectors Matching chip, THDP Dual Exhaust, Adjustable FPR, Runs like a champ will break the tires loose with ease.

The ad is pretty simple, really a bang for buck car, interior is the strong point very clean, runs tight as stated earlier. Freezing cold ac, lots of parts powder coated and or cleared in the engine. No smoke or funky noises. I would not hesitate to take her on a cross country drive. Car can be seen in Miami FL, car is really nice im sure im missing alot of strengths on it, but i rather do a simple ad and get to the point anyone wants or needs more info can text me or call me.

My opinion: Can't buy an intercooled car and do what i have done with this price this is a give away not to mention the cool RPO i usually prefer to buy weird cars you really don't see Canadian Car's to often nor a lightweight Silver car with Blue interior. I built this car to daily drive it. I brought her back to life. I have the oppurtunity to buy a friends car so i need to free up some cash this is the absolute only reason she is on the market!!

8200 OBO



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More Detailed pics:


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Interior and misc:


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Imperfections include some minor dings if any at all, some rust bubbles as seen below, i never painted the car but the car overall is nice, not sure how much more detailed i can be ive had and also seen way worse.. but if anything else is needed pics etc, shoot me a pm or reply here,

* update i also added the BUICK emblem on the right side of the trunk i had a spare new emblem from NOS4GN,


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Good question, not sure? It's on the car though both Quarter windows sport the small red turbo 6 with maple leaf, Sort of like the USA Olympic sticker i have seen on the 84 cars.
I have seen the turbo 6 with maple leaf on cars that were worked on by Ken Seggie of National Performance in Ontario. I recently looked at Ken's twin turbo Stage 2 and am trying to work out a deal to purchase it. His personal car not only has the same symbol in the back window but also painted on with a pin strip.