1986 t type $11000 w/33,000 mi LAX,CA

Selling my 1986 regal T-Type. It has 33,000 original miles. I'm the second owner, it can be verified through carfax.After market parts: TE-44, deka 60 lbs injectors,fuel pump, hot wired,adjustable fpr, stock intercooler with Duttweiler neck, Terry Houston down pipe,lt1 maf,gen2 translator,under drive pulley,turbo tweak chip, GTA wheels, BFgroodrich tires almost new.Call alex with questions 310-469-8075

Posted on Los Angeles, CA Craigslist Jan.4,2011

Looks like a good deal thought someone might like to get one up since at times there's sellers from down low who'll stick it to ya and act as if you should've been more weary instead of trusting your fellow mans good trade ethics.
Hey that's my car! lol

Thanks for putting this up. I was just testing the waters on craigslist cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it. But I think it's time to let it go.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

thought it looked too good to be true.I wish I would've seen your car before I got taken by some guy of EBAY.I've sunk almost the equivalent of what I bought the car for in repairing the piece he sold me to include all sensors, transmission, rearend and so on. I even had to weld the frame since it was almost split in the rear. I do enjoy working on it when I have money but man I thought I would have got more car for what I paid. Instead I learned a costly lesson about peoples integrity. In my opinion the guy is a real low life .