1986 T-Type - Light Chestnut Brown - So California


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Selling my car that I have had it since 2011, previous owner was my friend who owned it since the late 90's. We also knew the original owner well.

The car is located in Garden Grove, CA. It currently needs a smog so I can get tags to drive it. I will be taking care of this soon so it can be driven legally. We raced it a bit for a number of years but it hasn't seen the track since the early 2000's.

I would call the paint fair for a driver. The car was repainted in the late 90's by a "one day" place but it has held up well. There are some dings and scratches. Only dent is on the roof from something falling in my friends garage. It may be able to be pulled by a good paintless dent guy. The car runs great, the steering is a bit loose due to needing a new steering box. The car will come with all parts I have for the TR's.

UPDATE Car just passed smog test, I should have current stickers soon. CARFAX is also attached, looks like in 95 someone flubbed the mileage and the following smogs were *assumed* to be >100K on the clock. The mileage drops when the AVC dash was put in.

UPDATE 2 Got the stickers this morning, car can legally be driven now.


Some pics:

Cold start video, bit of noise from the power steering pump because it was low.

Quick drive up the street, part throttle.

Walk Around

  • 1986 Buick Regal T-Type
  • Light Chestnut Brown Metallic
  • Tan Bucket interior
  • ~150K miles on the chassis
  • California car all it's life but it has some surface rust on stuff because the previous owner stored it with muriatic acid sitting near the rear bumper still a solid car
  • Stock Wheels 215's front 255's rear

Motor Rebuilt by Lou Czarnota (TurboLou) (around 1K miles since rebuild)
  • Forged Pistons
  • New Forged Steel Crank
  • Lou does something with the rods when he builds the motor, not sure what
  • Heads were cleaned up a bit, no major porting
  • Small flat tappet cam (have to find the cam card)
Transmission Rebuilt by 4 C's (around 1K miles since rebuild)
  • 3000 stall non lock up converter
  • External trans cooler
  • Deep Pan
Rear End rebuilt by Don Lee Automotive (around 10K miles since rebuild, but many years)
  • Posi rebuilt using GM rebuild kit
  • Moser 28 spline axles with long studs
  • Currently sounds like there is whine from the rear-end, maybe gears?
  • Stock Appering MFS 6262 from Bison (around 2K miles on it)
  • Ported stock elbow
  • ATR 2.5" mandrel bent downpipe
  • Gutted stock cat
  • Kenne Bell 2.5" exhaust (could use replaced)
  • Custom cold air kit
  • LT1 MAF & MAF Translator
  • CAS V-4 SLIC (Shroud is not currently on)
  • RJC Power Plate
  • 55# Siemens Injectors, recently cleaned/flowed
  • New Caspers injector harness
  • New fuel lines from motor to chassis
  • All new AC parts except the evaporator
  • Alradco Radiator
  • Alky Control system
  • TurboTweak Alky Chip
  • Racetronix 340LPH with new sender
  • Holly stock appearing adjustable regulator
  • New fuel tank
  • Heavy Duty U-Joints
  • S10 rear wheel cylinders with 4 long shoes
  • Line Lock (not currently wired)
  • Hotchkis Upper & Lower rear control arms
  • Hotchkis Rear Swaybar
  • GNX Rear seat brace (the flat plate style)
  • AVC Dash
  • Powerlogger
  • Scanmaster-G
  • Vacuum brake conversion
  • Driveshaft safety loop
  • HR Parts Motor Mount
  • New front shocks
  • Spoolfool one piece rear filler
  • G-Body OEM replacement front filers
  • Full dynomat of interior (except doors)
  • New Carpet
  • New Headliner (see issues)
  • Re-dyed most of the interior plastics
  • LED 3rd brake light
  • New package shelf
  • Replaced Power seat with 87 power seat motor
Known issues
I have parts for most of the issues that need to be installed

  • Power Antenna need replaced (have NOS GM one)
  • Outer dew sweeps need replaced (have new ones from Highway Stars)
  • Body bushings could use done (have full set from Kirban)
  • Driver door hinges sag (have new hinges)
  • Power Steering pump or Steering box is leaking.
  • headliner is good but I messed it up a bit by cutting the wrong holes for the hangers (have a new one in box)
  • Spedometer doesn't work right, but VSS reads fine.
  • Dome light is not connected, every time I tried to crimp new ends they would break, easy fix
  • Heater core needs replaced (have Kirban Repo)
  • Dash has split in normal area (see pics)
  • Sounds like there is whine from the rear end.
Parts that would come with the car
  • Blazer brake conversion, all parts except the rotors and calipers
  • 2 BGC 3" Cast elbows, one fits PTE exhaust housing only, the other needs some cleanup
  • 1 3" BGC Stainless downpipe for the eblow above
  • 1 3" BGC Mild steel downpipe
  • 3" Test pipe with cutout
  • 87 Limited Grill (like 87 GN but chrome)
  • full set of body busings
  • NOS power antenna
  • New Carpet (without padding)
  • New ABS headliner
  • Known good stock MAF
  • Full stock pre-turbo intake pieces (for smog)
  • Stock downpipe
  • Stock intecooler
  • A few up-pipes
  • Turbo cover cut to fit THDP
  • Caspers coil pack tester
  • Keyless Entry (look up g-body keyless entry)
  • New Plug wires from Kirban
  • New Trunk Weather Strip from Kirban
  • Low mileage stock cat (for smog)
  • New driver side door hinges
  • New rear shocks
  • Engine Priming tool
  • NOS wiper fluid and coolant overflow bottles
  • other stuff I probably not remembering but all Buick stuff will go with the car.



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Some TR enthusiast buy it before I put it up on eBay and all the car sale sites! I’d hate to see it turned in to a low-rider :p

Updated price to my lowest i'll go. No negotiation. Any lower and i'll just keep the damn thing.
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Still for sale, There is a rear end whine under load that was pointed out that has been there as long as I can remember. Could be the gear backlash. I dropped the price $500 to compensate for the issue.