1986 T-Type - Saginaw, MI


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Jan 14, 2002
Guys I'm posting this for my neighbor who had a very nice 1986 black T-Type stolen from his car lot in Saginaw MI this weekend. It was taken from American Auto Group located near the corner of Bay and Shattuck Roads sometime after 10PM Sunday night. It is a black car, chrome bumpers, gray interior. I'll post some pics that he took for me at the auction he bought it from which included the RPO tag with the VIN.

We're both under the impression it's most likely at a chop shop, but it can't hurt to have more people on the lookout.


170627_081419_7.jpeg 170627_081420_11.jpeg 170627_081420_13.jpeg 170627_081420_14.jpeg 170627_081420_15.jpeg 170627_081420_16.jpeg 170627_081420_17.jpeg 170627_081420_18.jpeg 170627_081420_19.jpeg 170627_081420_20.jpeg

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