1986 T Type WH1 NOT MINE


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May 25, 2001
Local car Midwest City, Okla 73110. Friend told me about this car last week at an auto repair company he uses. I saw this car this morning at Sooner Auto and Truck repair 405 736-1108.

This company appears to be housing the car for the owners widow. He passed away about a year ago. The shop is the contact for the lady who owns it. The shop has done several things to the car over the years for the guy owned it.

She has dropped the price from over 30K to 27500 they said.

The digital dash shows 25,309.5 miles. The car looks to be low mileage , I am impressed

What i saw in a short visit. Someone has changed to vacuum brakes. They had put on a RJC motor brace. Green strip injectors. FP gauge at engine. No G80 on truck code. Front right corner bumper filler cracked, the shop says it happened at their shop. Digital dash and electronic ac heat controls. Doors real tight closing no play. Did not see any rust, they also said non had been seen on lift. Stainless exhaust and down pipe. Complete aftermarket trunk it. Its got the original IC hoses on it !. Nice car cover it trunk. A box of records in trunk. Looks to have been sold in Van Nuys Ca. but the guy bought it out of Alabama. Some of the documents cover all the owners so no time line on who did what.
Cannot say anything about the engine or trans? It does run good they said. They the repair shop would like to see it out of their way it would seem. The owners of the shop are car guys but not Turbo car guys. They know this car is special and not just any 33 year old Regal.
Funny side note, i looked under the car and saw no oil dripping out of the dust cover, ask if it was parked here a lot, they said its always in this spot. Wish mine didn't leak !

No financial interest in the car just passing it along. If i didn't have 2 GNs and 1 TType i am sure i would have more interest.

Will post some pics i took

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Good Afternoon:
Just wanted to ask about the paint on this car. I spoke with one of the men at the shop and he indicated that something was going on with the black paint. He stated that he thought the car was repainted and he did not know if it was a poor job on the black and if anything could be done to fix it, but he added that he was not a body shop. He stated that the silver looked nice. He stated that the car ran great and had no issues mechanically. I do not live anywhere near the area so I cannot inspect it myself.
If anyone goes to see the car and does not buy it, please post your comments on the paint.
Thanks and have a great day!!