1986 we4?

Jul 12, 2015
I found a car that looks exactly like a we4, but its an 1986. Offcourse ,it says t-type on it, but the interior, wheels and everything are identical to a we4. I was not able to open the trunk to look at the RPO codes, but was intrigued by the car, never the less. Owner said it also had digital dash with 160 speedo. Anyone come across an 1986 like this before. Off course, the car is black, but also has rear spoiler. Can't wait to see RPO codes. This car looks like it was optioned identical to a we4, but in 1986. Is this possible?
I believe there is a T type for sale black in color in cars for sale section. Cars drop dead beautiful, with all light weight options from factory .
It could maybe have the W02 black out option with the 19U paint code, but it should have chrome bumpers. Could be the owner or someone either swapped bumpers or painted them black. WE4s did not have a rear spoiler so again it was more than likely added to the car. WE4s were an 87 option only due to the sales limitations of GNs not being able to exceed a certain % of total production more than likely due to emission laws at the time.

No 1986 we4. Could it look like one? Of course. These cars at approaching 30 years old. Lots of things get changed over the years. If it is a nice clean car id love to see some pix. Post em up, spid label too. Thanks
Somebody just painted the bumpers black and deleted the hood ornament.

My car is an 87 WO2 / 19U car that got the same treatment by it's original owner.