1987 Buyers Guide


Thought people may get a kick out of reading this. Found the Car & Driver Buyers Guide I had from 1987. Bought it just before I bought My T. Glad I didn't think the GN's were Godawful... :rolleyes:


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An oldie but a goodie!

It's funny to see the 1/4 mile times of all of those "hot" performance cars. Modern cars easily eclipse those times.:eek:

Just curious, which dealer in NJ did you buy your T from?
Yea, I just found the book...funny the fastest "muscle car" was as they said, a pedestrian Regal V6! Bought mine at Circle Buick - Flemington NJ. June of 1987. Had them do a search, they found it, I didn't know what it had in it, and I said sold and wrote out the check. Remember doing an accidental burn out leaving their parking lot. :D