1987 GN 11,406 Miles

Hunter Dog

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Aug 1, 2015
1987 Grand National
11,406 Miles
*Attached are 85 pictures*

This is a number's matching original/non modified GN
Clean Car Fax
Complete/Professional Repaint With 2 base coats, 3 clear coats
Working Powermaster
Working Power Antenna
Catalytic Converter
Digital Dash
Auto Trunk Release
Manual seats
Manual windows
Manual locks
AC is untouched R12 and has not been charged or converted to R134A


New Parts Installed:
Power Antenna Cable
Valve Cover Gaskets
Spark Plugs
Rear portion of exhausts
Powermaster Accumulator Bowl
Jute Padding between trunk and back seat

Car always been located in Indiana

Three zip files with 85 pictures attached.
VIN 1G4GJ1179HP427348


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We now have a walk around video if anyone is interested. Not sure how to attach it here as it is too large.
The padding behind and under the rear seats was originally made with a heavy, black, flexible filler of some kind. This over the 35+ years had crumbled into literally hundreds of pieces. This also happened with another GN when we removed the back seats and did a thorough clean up. The new piece from G Body was actually even better than I thought it would be. I was pleased with it. Without it you see the yellow foam that is behind the back seats when inside the trunk. When we cleaned, detailed and had the car painted we removed all seats, mirrors, glass and all. The worst part about the car is some fading and deterioration inside the car. We were told when the original owner had it outside he always would park it in the same place where the sun would always hit it from the passenger side. This heat from the sun faded the driver's side door panel pad, escutcheon and passenger side carpet that rides up to the console. We thought about replacing each of these things but since they are not pad we thought we would leave it to the next owner to decide if they want it changed or not. Just depends on how picky someone is about this kind of thing. This car is not perfect but it is pretty darn close.
That is a first for me, seeing a digital dash and manual windows.
Yes, I would have to agree. It also has manual locks. So, two less things to break and be replaced...lol :)
It does have the auto trunk button in the glove box and auto antenna, no power driver's seat.