1987 gold on gold LC2 car


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This a rust free 95% perfect car the motor has been freshend up the trans also good stock rebuild super nice car CLEAN ALL THE WAY AROUND everything works it would make someone a great car it has 117k on the body the tires are like new there si 1 tear in the drivers seat about 1 inch long perfect frame floors trunk the bottom of doors a perfect drivers and pass i have many pictures im looking for a 2005 z71 4by4 ext. cab 3/4 tone truck chevy or gmc.cash 8,500.00 for the goodies g body upper control arms tube style rear lowers are boxed southside machine bars 42 pnd inj.93 red armstrong chip walbro fuel pump adj. reg.with gage boost and oil presure gage thanks pm or just email me or call 765-284-9744 Kevin.
more imfo on the gold car

and more pictures sorry about the little place on the hood its bird crap and i washed it off today and took some new pics new price as well the first 7000 takes the car :eek: