1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am #1,030 Only 6,822 miles; $29,000

Megatron _ed

Mar 9, 2015
Hi everyone:

I'm putting #1,030 up for sale, but do not have to sell the car. I have too many toys and want to focus on other things in life.

The car has 6,822 original miles and I am the third owner. The car started out in NJ, then went to KY, and now IL. I have all documentation including the original owner's manual/kit.

The car is in wonderful condition for its age with paint that is holding up well and an outstanding body. The undercarriage is very clean and there is no rust. The side bolster on the driver’s seat is in great condition as it is common to be worn on these cars. Mods have been tastefully made and the car can be converted to stock within a day if necessary.

List of mods:


• TA49 Turbo built by Brian Bissonette (Have stock unit as well) with .63 exhaust
• Larger “stretch” intercooler in stock location
• Down pipe (have stock unit as well)
• Chrome Turbo shield cover and UP (have stock units as well)
• LS1 MAF (have stock unit as well although it may not function)
• MAF Translator
• As a preventative measure, I had the valve springs replaced
• K&N filter (have stock filter setup)
• Recent tune up by Rick Lutz with new plugs, coil and wires (have stock wires as well)
• E85 setup
- 80 lbs Siemens injectors (have stock ones as well)
- High quality DW300 fuel pump w/hot wire
- TurboTweak chip (have stock chip and 93 chip as well)


• Installed new speakers and a Bluetooth radio. I have the stock speakers (not very good) and stock radio. Can be reinstalled to stock specs since I did not disrupt the steering wheel controls.
• Powerlogger and Scanmaster (imperative for these cars)
• Aftermarket floor mats that say (turbo) – Have stock ones
• The car originally came with the poor Lexan T-Tops. One cracked as was common. Replacement glass units are on the car. I replaced all strips on the T-Tops and they are in great shape. (I still have the Lexcan T-Tops as well as the T-Top shades)


• Rear wing was replaced (Hawks 3rd gen) and painted perfectly to factory specs. (Have the original wing)
• The emblems you see installed on the fenders are not NOS. NOS are with the owner’s kit. Also have the door and windshield decals that came with the kit along with all documentation


• Car must have sat a long time before I purchased it and I lost reverse after a while so had the trans and stock converter rebuilt by Jimmy’s Transmissions (ask around if you don’t know Jimmy) to stage 2. ($2,500)

The car is in phenomenal shape and can be vouched for by many in the Turbo community. The car SAFELY put down 410 to the wheels on E85 and 25lbs of boost. I can send the dyno video upon request as it will not allow me to upload here.

I also have an extra set of rims (painted black) that has a set of rear drag radials.


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