1993 Typhoon For Sale

No,all stock & original.
Tires in pictures are a little taller than stock,but new tires are stock size.
Partial trades & cash??
I think that he should've used a little more armour all, I don't think it looks slippery/shiny enough yet. LOL
Sorry I couldn't resist, it looks like an armour all bomb went of in the truck.
I have never seen that much shine inside a vehicle before.

Hell even the carpets look shiny, and I could be blinded by the reflection coming off all the plastic dash and door panels.:D

It all looks like it's wet and would be a fun ride on a road course or twisty road!!! LOL

I'm trying to get a grip but I can't, LMAO!!!

It is a nice truck though.
I have a cannon 40D. I can take good pics also, it's just that they are so good in detail that you can see everything, including all the armour all residue .

Congrats on the sale.