1994 Camaro Convertible Z/28....Lets Trade


Freezing in Michigan
Didnt seem to get alot of interest in selling this outright, and as always plans change a little as time goes by. I would entertain trades at this point. No projects please, I need a driver, or something that is DAMN close to being a driver. Even if I kept this car, it wouldnt be a practical driver, so I think a trade is best. Cash plus trade is also an option. Trades need to have CATS....I am moving to Texas and need to pass a sniffer test for the Houston area. Camaro is currently in Grand Rapids Michigan in my garage. It does run, it does move, it does start.

BRING ALL OFFERS....... dreamer1q@gmail.com

I will at least tell you no if you offer something up. Here is the description again. Remember this motor has less than 5000 miles on it, as does the transmission and rear end. This car is as close to new as a 94 can get.

Also including EVERYTHING I have for this car, extra wheels, driveshafts, rockers, pieces parts, all the AC components, Hooker Y Pipe....you name it. I have LOTS of stuff for it. TAKE IT ALL!!!

I have had this car for around 8 years now, and I can say that I have removed, repaired or replaced everything except for the convertible top.

I will do my best to detail what is in this car as best I can, but there is no way I can give you the full run down of everything, there is just too much.

Photos wise, I will upload some to a folder on my server, and if you think you need more let me know. I have THOUSANDS of them of this car over the years.

First off the car does have a salvage title. It was a front end wreck in 96 when it had less then 20k on it. It was brought to a body shop and repaired correctly. If you doubt this, ask any of the numerous people here who have seen it first hand or helped work on it. She is as straight as an arrow, and clean from end to end.

Currently she has a 385 LT1 built by Nick at Victory Racing. Fully forged internals, 4 bolt conversion, diamond pistons, Eagle crank and 6 inch rods, Comp cam, ALL THE GOOD STUFF. No corner was trimmed. The intake, fuel rails and alternator were hand polished by the late Chris Jackson, and the alternator has been relocated via the relocation kit that I helped design a few years back. 58mm Holly TB with a ram air box to fit the Ultra Z hood that is on it. Full 8an fuel system with braided lines front to back, with Mallory screw in filter, regulator and hotwire kit with upgraded pump in tank. Has Magnacore 10mm wires, electric WP, AC delete, and all emmisions **** is gone. Tune by CARS at 426 RWHP. Less than 5000 miles on driveline!!!

Trans is a th350 with a reverse manual valve body, no brake. 4200 coan nonlockable converter with ballon plates. I have a buddy of mine that builds these, and this one it tough. We upgraded all the spags and the drum and all that **** when we built it. Has a Hurst Promatic shifter installed in it as well. Also has a Kevlar Trans blanket on it for safety.

Rear end is a Moser 9 inch with a Daytona II center chunk holding a posi unit and a 4.10 gear and 28 spline Moser axles. Has a Spohn adjustable torque arm on it too. ALL THE SUSPENSION ARMS are tubular, both front and rear as well as the panhard rod. KYB shock new a few years back too.

Exhaust is a custom dual out 2.5 inch with dynomax bullets before the axle and a H pipe running off of Hooker long tube coated headers.

Comes with a Nitrous Express kit that has the bottle painted with Real Flames, looks AWESOME. Has the electronic window switch, FPSS, purge, the whole nine yards. Joe the driver of my Pinks car helped wire that into it.

Wheels are BRAND NEW Vette thin spoke 18's on all corners with brand new Bridgestone Potenza 255/45/18 tires that have never gone down the road, seriously, NEVER. Has had a LS1 brake upgrade front and rear also. Heavy duty sway bars on both ends.

Body wise, it has the SS spoiler and a 10k custom paint job by Star Customs in Grand Rapids. The color is a custom mix red that I picked out myself, with black stripes seperated by a Tangelo hand laid stripe. Then covered in no less then 4 coats of Glamour clear coat. Took second place at Autorama and when you look at the photos you will see what I mean, this thing SHINES.

Interior has black 95 model leather interior, with custom steering wheel. A wolfe 6 point bolt in bar, and a 5 point cam lock harness on the driver side. Alpine deck, with Boston Accoustic speakers front and rear, and a 12 inch Volfenhag 2000 watt woofer in the truck. Dual amps, one Alpine and one Kenwood run all the speakers and it has a Fared cap too.

The car currently has one issue that needs to be fixed, and I havent got the time to do it. The Flywheel bolts were forgotten when the converter was changed, and they are visually lose. Have to back the trans out, tighten and put back. I will fix this myself and give a 90 day written guarantee on the repair if neccessary to facilitate a deal. But it would have to be one sweet deal

I have all the recipts for EVERYTHING I have ever done to this thing, and there are alot of them. But you will get those as well.

The wheels in the pictures are not what it has now. Picture bigger, newer and nicer vette wheels.

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8500.00 outright