2-3 shift


What applys in this gear?

I have a problem with mine not going to 3rd. Seems to be happening more often now. Only way to get it into gear is to upshift to OD and hopefully get enough MPH to upshift.

Any ideas?
The second gear band is released...

& the direct clutch is applied. That, however, is probably irrelevant to your situation.

Either your governor spring took a hike or your valve body is developing a problem such as a sticking shift valve assembly. If your 3-4 shift seems fine than your governor is probably OK.
I just started having the same problem. I went to the dragstrip last week and ran 5 times. The 5th time the car did not want to shift out of 2nd. I read on one of the posts that a spring in the governor could have become dislodged.

At part throttle it shifts fine. It just won't shift at full throttle. I'll let you know if I find out what is causing it.

Anyone else solve this problem before?

Hi John,

If your part throttle shifts are ok, you did not throw the governer spring. Does the tranny ever shift to 3rd or 4th? If it does not, there are a few possibilities. Did the 2-3 shift feel soft at the track? If so, your direct clutches may have took a permanent vacation. If you could give us more info, we may be able to narrow it down.:cool:

I changed the fluid and filter today. The fluid was red with a slight tint of gray. It did not smell burnt at all however there was a "film" of metal on the ring magnet and in the very bottom of the pan. No pieces of metal at all.

I took it for a test ride and the 1 - 2 shift is just as hard and firm as ever. This time it did shift into 3rd and 4th at full throttle. Maybe the fluid and dirty filter were causing the problem.
The 2-3 shift does seem like it is starting to soften up. It has a shift kit in it and should be hitting 3rd much harder. It kind of glides into it. There are about 26,000 (hard) miles on the tranny since it had an overhaul. I was talking to someone at Cecil County dragway last week that told me that he had heard the the computer will sometimes cause a shift problem like that. He mentioned something about possible fuel problem, lean condition, etc. Has anyone ever heard of this? I was using a mixture of 93 octane and race gas but was not getting any detonation on my knock sensor (no direct scan yet). I know I'm really pushing my stock injectors and turbo but I'm planning on upgrading them over the winter. I was hoping to upgrade them before the tranny.

I want the shift to 3rd to be much firmer. What do you think - rebuild? New race tranny?

John :confused:
Well I don"t know the rest of your problems but i can tell you this. The computer has NOTHING to do with shift timing or quality. It does control lock up.

You want firm, we will give you firm..............3rd


There seems to be a lot of misinformation on the ECM's control of the tranny. It strictly control's lock up. I have also heard NASA uses this same computer on the Space Shuttle. The 2-3 shift is as good as the person putting the unit together. :cool:
Once the 3-4 shift occurs it seems fine.

The biggest problem is it's intermittent, so I can't really make it happen all the time.

Otherwise, when it wants to work, it shifts great. Then sometimes it rears it's head and won't go into 3rd untill you speed up and shift in and out of D to OD and it will eventually shift up.

What do you guys think?
Originally posted by WE4
Well I don"t know the rest of your problems but i can tell you this. The computer has NOTHING to do with shift timing or quality.

Very true, however, the ECM can be a factor in perceived shifting problems if it's pulling a bunch of timing due to the knock sensor.

Simple scan tool test should rule that out.
I was curious as to wether there was a resolution to this problem. I have been having the same problem with not shifting from 2nd to 3rd. My problem is intermitent aswell and will happen at part throttle in OD but is less frequent than WOT in D. I have done some testing at the track and found that if I leave the selector in OD it will shift into 3rd fine and then I can pull the selector back to D and complete the run. This is kinda tough to do with a column shift. I have also noticed that if I get tranny up to operating temp. then turn car off and let it cool down for an hour or so when I go back out to drive it the 2-3 shift problem seems to be more frequent. Would that mean it has something to do with pressures in the VB? I went to the track last weekend and on the first run it would not shift 2-3. I let out of the throttle completely twice and it still would not go to 3rd until I moved the selector 1 click to OD then it shifted to 3rd and shortly there after into 4th. On my second and third run it was better, then on the fourth run after a longer cool down it short shifted the 2-3 shift at 5200rpm. Normal shift point is right at 5850rpm 1-2 and 2-3 which is a little high for my tastes but I believe would come down some with a taller tire (currently 26" tall). Car is a heavy 3800+ and the best run last weekend was 11.73@115mph.

Any Ideas??