2 Aluminum 15 x 7 Grand National rims and tires


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Selling 2- 15" x 7" Buick Grand National aftermarket Aluminum rims, complete with tires, center caps and lug nuts.

Tires are Cooper CSS Ultra 225/60/15's. They maybe have 200 miles on them is all and even that might be a stretch.

Rims likewise have the same mileage on them and are perfect.

These are the very same rims available on Ebay for $240 each or available thru a Buick vendor like GBodyParts, Castle Motorsports, Tamraz's or numerous other vendors all selling the very same exact rims.

I got these in a package set of 4 and changed 2 to a wider rim.

These rims and tires, mounted and balanced would cost over $700. Will sell for $525.00 Shipping not included.

These come with everything and need nothing. Even comes with high quality lug nuts. Ready to bolt on.

Located in Iowa, highly prefer local pick up. For sale locally on Craigslist and FB.


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I don't need the tires, would you part with the rims minus the tires and if so how much to 11572