2 recent additions........


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Jan 27, 2015
Just picked up a sig mpx9 and his big brother p516. Figured the atf have both of these on there chopping block.
These are both sold as pistols. Here in illionis we can't have any rifles with barrels less than 16 inches. The 9mm has a 8 inch and the 556 is 10 inch. The stock is a arm brace.......lol. this was designed for vets that returned home missing an arm so they could keep shooting as a hobby. It has since transformed to mass sales and skirting around the ATF.......for now at least
I built an AR pistol once. Was a fun gun. Accurate, not so much. Then again, it was a build for a buddy, so I never installed a sig brace. I told him to get one. He never did.

Without the brace, when trying to use a scope, the poof of air was just annoying. Plus I did a standard build instead of lefty, I have to shoot lefty. in SBR trim it was great though, however without a stamp could cause some issues...

Guns are a hobby of mine.