200 vs. 400 for my car. Anyone give me some input?


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May 24, 2001
Trying to figure out if it would be worth it to step into a 400 setup with a brake for my car? My car has went 11.50@118 on pump gas and should go easy mid to high 10's with race gas and some boost this year and I question the 200 that has been in my car since 1994. I can get a 400 BOP rebuilt including core for a let us say next to nothing price with the good sprag. They say I can beat the hell out of it and if I put a Hipster brake in it I will have one mean setup. With the brake does that mean I can't use a modulator so it will shift on the street? What would I need to do so that it would shift ok on the street and am I overkilling going to the 400? I only use the car for weekends and the strip so the 400 has really been playing on my mind. Any thoughts?
The 200 is a much better street tranny than the 400 IMO. I would not do without the overdrive even considering the limited street driving I do. The 200 is proven to live in the low 10s reliably with a good build and billet parts. The 200 is the only tranny that you can install a transbrake and still have automatic up shifts. 350/400 for transbrake are full manual only. You will spend more money on a 200 but that is the price you pay if you want to keep the overdrive. The 400 is not that cheep whan you install a good transbrake (Griner pro start) good clutches, converter, Driveshaft you will be 2K+ range. Nothing wrong with a 400. If you can do without the overdrive. If you plan to run 9s. Dont mind shifting. The 400 will work good for you. Its each to thier own. I would not do without OD so I spent the money. I had 400 in my car for about 2 weeks. Slowed my car down and agravated the heck out of me on the short hops on the highway. I put (71) mostly 10 sec transbrake launches on my 200 last year with 3000 street miles. I have torn down the tranny for inspection and put it back together as no work was needed. Wonder how many more passes I will get. Good luck with what ever you decide.
200 VS 400

I/C I've had SEVERAL 200's and found they were nothing but a money pit!!:mad:
I went to a T-400 w/ a brake and never looked back!!
My combo is the t-400 w/ a brake. It is shifted w/ a B&M Pro Ratchet shifter so I can use the Innovative boost controller for boost control in every gear.
Any T-400 w/ a brake will require a manual shift for gear changes.

I use the stock 3.42 gear/ 28" tires, and find that the tranny temps are in the 170-190* range during cruising and usually not over 190 on the strip.

I got 1.40 short times @ 3700# [I found that QTR JR program runs indicated the combo liked the higher low gear for better short times.] T-400 is 2.48 lo gear. This was w/ 4 yr old tires and a FUBAR converter!!:(
Given the way your car will be driven, I'd vote 100% for the T-400:cool:

ALSO: It scares the crap outta the moostwang boys when you use the t-brake at a stop lite!!!!:D :D :D

HTH in the decision making dept!!:) :)
Re: 200 VS 400

Originally posted by Chuck Leeper
I/C I've had SEVERAL 200's and found they were nothing but a money pit!!:mad:

ALSO: It scares the crap outta the moostwang boys when you use the t-brake at a stop lite!!!!:D :D :D

HTH in the decision making dept!!:) :)

Chuck you needed a good 200 trans builder and some good parts. 2004R + Novice Builder = big money with poor results. Nothing wrong with the 400 just not for me.
Hey i use t350 no brake.

i have 87 buick gn. i run t350 trans with a jw3400 converter. best time so far 7.75 1/8 mile 90 mph. trans has given me good service. built by cooks racing transmissions spartemburg sc. manual valve body cost 160.00 with core. 350 lighter and has 252 first gear. just my opinon.
I am at the crossroads now!

I broke the 200 in the garage if you see the post in the lounge. Just bringing the boost up to see how high I could go with the new trans/convertor and this combo using the 70. Well it spooled up big-time but never turned the BFGDR's over. Then a little pop and the RPM's shot from 3500-4100 where I turned it off. Now I have no gears on a brand new trans. I think it is the input shaft because I get noise and the convertor is wobbling some.

I have to fix the 200 regardless to sell it or otherwise but am I at the point that I should opt for the 400? Is my only option a manual VB or can I get auto shifts out of it somehow?

If I beef up the 200 what billet parts should I get and will it last for sure with 600 HP?
I know I drive my car too much to do without the overdrive. Yes, it is more expensive to build a strong 2004r, but it can be done. Eric Shertz of Dynotech is in the low 9's with his as is Mike Kurtz down in Texas is. Find a well known builder and speak with them. I know Eric is planning on going 8's with his.
NHOTHING IS strongerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr than a th400 .you cant put 2000hp thru a 2004r ,although there are some guys putting 750 hp.unless your married to the trans guy use a 400 at anythig over 750 hpwer.www.ckperformance.com
What about a 4L80E? This is a TH400 with overdrive. Only problem is having to buy the computer to make it shift.
This is an interseting post, TTT.

How about 600 to 650HP? Stay with the 200R4?