2015 Turbo Regal Upgrades?

matt s

New Member
I'm new to this site.

Just purchased a 2015 Turbo Regal. What are the best upgrades for an all stock 2015 turbo? Best bang for the buck? Not going to get crazy with mods as it will be a daily driver.


Welcome to the site pal!

Lots of support for Turbo Ts, GNs, and T-types here but not too much support here for the new turbo regals but more over at the following:


As for upgrades. Best bang for your buck is hands down the tune from Trifecta tuning. Very nice HP gains and they have now added an improved transmission tune to MY '14/15 Turbo Regals/GS packages.


Trifecta Tune is in. Definitely makes a difference at low speeds. Barely touch the gas peddle and it goes. I haven't had a chance to try it on the highway yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I think if you wanted to really modify your car and keep adding performance goodies this might be good. However, if you didn't know what your doing you could easily damage your motor. I don't know how much modification you want to do with your car but I can tell you that the Trifecta tune has made a big difference in how my car performs.