2019 Riyadh Global Auto Salon


Short Guy
I guess my thread on this got lost in the crash, so I'll post again. Here's why there was never a followup to my thread on going to the SCCA Nats, another opportunity came up:


While the Buick's been gone, I decided to undertake a new project, a 1994 Ford Probe. The aim is to qualify for Vegas in the Optima series while keeping the car budget under $4K, just to see if I can do it.


There are a few more entries after these on the Probe if you're curious. There will be more soon, too. I finally have all the parts for the suspension overhaul, and I'll be putting a stage 3 clutch set in it to prepare it for boost. My first even is the Bing Tokyo HPDE in March at NCM, followed by an autocross in early April, and the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car event in Atlanta in late April.

Not a lot of time left, but I'll get it done.