2019 Turbo Street Outlaw Rules

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Racing Rules:

INTENT: This a heads up class for 81-87 Buick regal bodied cars running single turbo Buick V6 engines and stock style rear suspension with a 10.5" or smaller tire. The class is to be run on a .400 pro-tree and on a pro-ladder. The class will be run in an 1/8th mile format. Maximum 16 car field. Minimum qualifying ET is 6.30 All cars should have all applicable safety equipment for speeds obtained and must be able to pass host track safety tech. All entrants SHOULD have the necessary equipment for the speeds they are running. Host track safety tech will make all decisions concerning safety tech of vehicles competing in the TSO top Gun Point Series and it is the drivers responsibility to make sure their car meets ALL host track requirements.

Class standard weight is 3250#

1. BODY: 1981-1987 Regal body required with stock firewall location and full stock frame with stock wheelbase required (108.0" measured). Frame modifications for roll cages, safety, tire size and cross member clearance are allowed. Frame notching for tire clearance is allowed but the inner frame rail can not be modified or moved from its stock location. Four functioning headlights and taillights required. Light weight aftermarket body panels allowed. No pin on doors or front ends allowed. Doors must have door panels and be functional with functional windows allowed.

2. EXHAUST: No part of turbo exhaust may exit forward of engine flywheel area and a muffler is required.

3. FRONT SUSPENSION: Must have stock mounting locations. Any aftermarket bolt on part is allowed. Rack and pinion conversions are allowed. SPINDLE MOUNT WHEELS ALLOWED

4. REAR SUSPENSION: must maintain factory mounting locations on the frame. Coil over conversion allowed, sway bar and panhard bar modifications are allowed. Must maintain factory 4-link arrangement. Any automotive type solid axle housing allowed. No wheelie bars allowed.

5. TIRES: Rear tires may either be DOT-approved and labeled or labeled for racing slicks. DOT tires must have labels facing the outside of the body and are limited to a maximum new tread width of 12.1 inches and can never exceed 12.25 inches in width. Slicks are limited to a maximum sidewall designation of 10.5 inches width and may never exceed 11.1 inches in width. No drive tire may have sidewall designation height greater than 29.5 inches. The front tires are limited to 4.5- inch minimum tread width. The tread of tires must not protrude outside of the exterior of bodyline at top of tires.
** Measurement will be taken with tape measure from end of tread to end of tread.
(This dose not allow the MT 29.5x10.5W)

6. TURBO: Maximum compressor wheel size is 88.0 mm /3.464” - inducer wheel diameter. Turbos with a compressor exducer diameter larger than 127mm/5.000" and/or a turbine exducer diameter larger than 93mm/3.66" must use 275/60 DR's. (i.e. GT-55 & PTE Promod 88)
Compressor wheel to housing clearance must maintain a maximum of 0.080” clearance beginning from a) where the leading edge of the compressor wheel meets the inlet of the compressor housing to b) the transition point where the trailing edge of the compressor wheel meets the volute. All air entering the turbocharger must pass through the turbocharger inlet. Injection of any liquid, gas, or any other substance into the inlet or exhaust housing prohibited. Turbocharger compressor wheel must be constructed of cast or billet aluminum. Exotic material wheels prohibited. The tips of the impeller wheel may not be stepped, cut down, or notched to meet impeller tip-to-tip dimension. (.500-inch will define the tip of the impeller wheel).
Turbo must be located within the factory engine compartment. No part of the turbo can be mounted forward of the factory core support. The crossover pipe can be in any location.
Any competitor is subject to inspection and removal of compressor housing or downpipe. Any competitor who sets an ET or MPH Record will have their turbo inspected at that event. If protested by another competitor, the protesting competitor is required to put up $100 which will be given up if the turbo is found to be legal. Anyone found to be illegal or unwilling to remove the compressor cover or downpipe for inspection will be automatically dis-qualified and removed from the point series.

7. TRANSMISSION: Any GM automatic transmission w/ any torque converter allowed. No Lenco, Liberty or manual transmissions with or without clutch allowed.

8. FUEL: Gasoline type fuel, no additives, alcohol, or nitrous oxide injection allowed. E85 fuel is allowed. Fuel will be tested and must not have more than 85% ethanol with a 2% margin of error. Racers with more than 87% ethanol will be disqualified. No additional injection/spray of any sort in or on the motor, turbo, IC, drive train etc. other than an AlkyControl dual nozzle setup similar to those legal in TAI. NOS bottle(s) shall not be on vehicle during competition or qualifying.

9. Interior: Stock appearing dashboard and passenger seat required, door panels required, interior must be carpeted and as close to factory appearing as possible. Rear seat may be removed, but area shall be carpeted.

Standard weight is 3250# with the following adjustments:
50# penalty for a liquid IC
250# weight break for turbos 82mm or smaller. The intent of this rule is to allow a weight break for racers running standard 82mm or smaller turbos. Custom "clipped wheel" 47/88 or larger turbos will not be allowed.
** All weights will have a five pound error factor for scale inconsistency
2014 Rule Changes are in red print
2015 Rule changes are in green print
2017 Rule changes are in blue print
2018 Rule changes are in yellow print
2019 Rule Change are in purple print

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