209 AF Reading!!!


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Before replacing my maf sensor today, with a re-manufactured one, my AF readings would reach around 240. Now the highest that I've seen is 209!!! What's up with that? What do I need to do to get the AF numbers higher? Will this hurt the car's performance any? It also seems like I'm getting more knock now. Would this have something to do with that? Sorry about so many questions. Thanks, R.B
Yes, you're getting more knock now simply because the MAF isn't able to read high enough. Those low number equate to less fuel, leaning the car out and cause premature detonation.

Dontcha just love those crappy rebuilt MAFs?? Too bad all those junk MAFs are out there.

You might want to investigate the MAF Translator, and chevy MAFs
All problems solved.
The Translator, LS1/LT1 MAF, and Extender chip gives the ability to read higher than 255 gps limit the stock unit has (up to 512 gps), idle fueling adjustment, and WOT fueling adjustement. Translator Plus also adds timing adjustments with the fueling adjustments. Currently my car is flowing 380 gps and has great fueling control.