21 degree chip too much?



I'm running denatured alchy with 21* chip. Is this too much for the street?
Depends on boost levels as well. I ran 21º @ 20lbs boost with 33% Denatured in my old set up. ZERO knock!

Good luck,
Kev :)
I want to run 21-22 lbs. with 21*. Is that a safe boost level for this timing? Or just stick with 20 lbs.?
I could run 22-23# boost with a Lubrant 100 chip (24*) with less than 1* knock in third gear. I now run the Extender chip (23*/21*) low/high gear with 22# boost and 0.0 knock.
I run 24 # boost with the stock IC and denatured alky on 93 octane pump gas with a 26* timing JL race chip
Wolfj how or you running a 26 degree timing chip on the alky? I tried to run my jl26degree 110 race chip and I got to much knock.Do you have your alky coming on super early to kill the knock? If not what boost level do you have your alky coming on at?
I have my alky coming on at about 12 psi. Are you using denatured alky?? I was surprised I could run my JL 110 chip with 24# on alky. Car really fly's in street trim all the time now!! BTW, pump speed is set at 8 on my kit.
Go buy a gallon of denatured and try it out with your race chip. I promise with the results you get you won't go back. You can find denatured for fairly cheap if you look around and get it commercially. You also won't have to have your pump speed set really high. I have mine set at 8 and thats enough for 23-24# boost with 93 octane and race chip. Keep in mind I only have a stock IC and live in Texas. Those with a good IC could prolly run more boost. I should be getting my CAS V4 next week, can't wait to see how it works with the alky!