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Freddie's Buick

Hey Guys!

Can anyone run a search and find out what year these heads are from? (25506293). I just want to be sure.

I'm going to have bigger intake valves put in sometime in Jan/Feb.
My 1981 3.8 is original and as far as I know has never been rebuilt.

Since the stock intake valves are 1.71" diameter, I am trying to find out what year 3.8 engine did Buick begin to use the larger 1.77 intake valves since both Poston's and Kenne bell only offer this size intake valve, (or the stock, but they don't list the size.)

Does the valve seat have to be grinded down to accept the larger intake valve, or should the valve seat be replaced to match the larger intake size? :confused:

Can anyone answer? Rich....Kendrick?...:rolleyes:
Freddie, Buick never offered 1.77" intakes. All rwd heads cast from '79-'87 used 1.71" valves. Most, if not all aftermarket stainless valves will be of the 1.77" variety. I use Ferrea's, and yes, the seats may be ground to accept the larger valves. The 293 castings were early '80's, just prior to the 8445. The ports are identical, but the end cooling passages are not bridged on the 293's. Hope this helps. GB
Thanks GB!

I've looked at Jeg's and Summit yet it seems like not many manufactorers make valves for the 3.8. I don't want to be restricted to Poston's or KB for choice. Besides Ferrea's, do you know who else makes larger valves for our V-6's and were can I find them?
Jeg's still carries the Manley valves that many of the GN people use. I think they're similar in shape to the stock valve in that the face has that hollowed out area to help keep compression closer to stock. yep...Jeg's P/N 660-11503-1 and 660-11504-1...$16.99 each. I think the TRW's that Ruggles used years ago are still available as well...intake P/N V3124X, exhaust S3123. My Ferrea's cost $12.13 each, P/N's HPP F6237 ex., and HPP F6238, direct from Ferrea in Fla. 954-733-2505. GB
i've got a set of them off an 84 cutlass 3.8 and the water ports are bridged.

i cant find a difference from my 8445 casting heads