26* timing too much for alcohol?


Got Boost?

Hey, I have my car runing great on a trasher92 chip, 20-21psi on stock turbo. But I am getting some new injectors and chips and was just wondering if I can use the chips on pump gas with iso. alcohol? I know a 22-24 timing chip would probably be better but I'm running on a limited budget and the chip are with the injectors.

Any help or opinions?

dual stage

26* of timing will probably be too much if you're running a single nozzle setup, especially if it's a DIY kit. When you get some extra cash, get yourself a dual stage kit. Takes care of that pesky "early knock"! I have the Joe Tripodi kit and absolutely love it. 26* Joe Lubrant chip, 23psi, and no problems whatsoever. I believe that SMC now has a dual nozzle kit, but it's not a staged kit like Tripodi's. It just injects twice the amount of alcohol where as the Tripodi kit comes on at different boost levels. I believe that Chad is having excellent results with is SMC kit, too. Pick your poisin!! ;)