3 inch exhaust


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Mar 4, 2002
I have a poston hooker 2 1/2 exhaust.I want to put a 3 inch single exhaust from cottons.Will I feel a gain?Aso when i started my car the 1st time since August. As i revved the engine i noticed the wastegate rod and actuater were not moving no matter how high i revved it?Is this normal i have a adjustable wastegate on it and the turbo has a rebuilt tag on it. The car always pegged the factory boost gauge and ran very strong.I got the car like this all I Do is change the oil.I plan a full tuneup.I havent put any mods on it till im sure this is normal.THANKS A LOT:D
As for the 3" pipe iam not sure i would not think you would get a big gain from just changing over.

The waste gate tho soulds ok, it should not move much if the car is in park, if it does not move in gear then you have a problem.It should still have boost when you drive it , does it.

Less weight with the single 3" pipe tho.:D
i wouldn't bother changing the exhaust if there's nothing wrong with it.i doubt there would be any measurable gain.

the wastegate actuator shouldn't move unless you're building clsoe to your max boost,which won't be happening without a load on the motor.if it builds boost when you're driving it around it's fine.