350 Trans question/help w/lock-up



I've heard they make'em but what cars? I want to run a 350 trans and keep the lock-up conv. ANy help or ideas?
Look under 1982-1986 cars and trucks. It was used in many different apps; ie F-car, G-bodies, B-bodies, G-vans, C-trucks.

Just make sure that you don't see a band adjuster behind the cooler fittings. That would be a 250C.
I'm looking for one for my TR so i need to find one from BOP veh. for the proper bolt pattern. Anyone make a 3200 stall w/lock-up for the turbo 350? Conley runs one on his 400 trans
How did he get a lock up converter for his TH400? Did he use parts from a 4L80E?