37lb Injectors with Chip


Jul 7, 2003
I have a set of 6 fuel injectors for a Buick Grand National, Turbo-T, T-Type or Turbo TransAm. They are the Delphi/Lucas design part# D3165BA (Lucas old 5203002, Lucas New 621037). They are still in very good shape with approximately 10,000 miles on them. I removed them to install bigger injectors when I moved up to a bigger turbo. These injectors are good for 11's in a Turbo-Regal with the proper modifications. There is also a street chip for this size injector. It runs well on 93 octain on the street. I don't have any info on the chip. It was in the car since I bought it in June of 04.
$175.00 plus shipping