4.1 Studs head/mains

If you call ARP they can get them out to you. I just got mine a few weeks ago, and just called them telling them what I had.

Just curious, are you gonna countersink the head bolt holes in the block similar to the 86-87 109 block? If so, you could probably use the same studs as an 86-87.
If you countersink them how many threads are left? With the already thin decks I'd be worried about not having enough threads left to garentee clamping load.

That is the part number I just recieved from Cotton's, he knows I have a 4.1. I haven't tried them yet, I guess I'll do that tonight.

Thanks for the heads up.
Update, the head studs I have are the correct part for the 4.1. Remember a 4.1 has different threads than a 3.8.