4 1987 Goodyear Eagle GT WE4 factory tires kept in climate control living room for 31 years


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Jul 2, 2018
****Please read my disclaimer***^
These tires have about 35% wear on them and were changed out for fatter tires. But these are being sold for show car purposes only. Impress your audience with original factory tires stamped from 1987 that look like almost new. But do not drive on them. They were very very well taken care of and I can give you my word on that but they are unsafe because of their age. And I could not ever forgive myself if someone died because they were driving on my 32 year old tires. So let’s just say they are for car shows only. Get some clean rims and sport them at shows.

Ok now let’s start.
4 original TR factory Eagle GT tires.
Drive for a little bit then upgraded to fatter tires. Once these were renmoved around the summer of 1987 they were never mounted again. They were stored in 4 black hefty plastic garbage bags and stacked in my living room of my mom’s house till she passed then in my sister’s house in ny till she moved to Florida. Now they sit in my living room.
Still nice and soft
Not a single trace of dry rot or cracking
No holes or punctures.

Not much else to comment about. They were never used for shows or anything. And I take it I never will use them. So I was checking to see if anyone local wanted to buy them.

Could be the missing piece of your bone stock original show car.

$350 local pickup only. I would entertain shipping but I have no idea how I would even do that. I do have them in boxes now but I imagine That shipping would be a very high figure. Probably close to my selling price. Idk I never bought or sold a tire online. But I give you my word that these are 1000% 1987 WE4 tires because they came from my car.

If you want to pick them up the cash price is $350 and the zip code is 32114 Daytona Beach Florida

If I did ship buyer would be responsible for the cost and arrangements of shipping. You can have the 2 boxes I keep them in. So you wouldn’t have to worry about packaging them.
I'd be interested Would need pics & some more information.
There’s gunna be at least 20 pics posted to this thread tonight.
And pics of all production numbers will also be posted. Please subscribe to the thread and you will see them tonight up there.

Oh and btw to anyone who is thinking about shipping. Like all the parts I sell I do not do PayPal. I closed my account years ago.
USPS money order is the only payment I choose to deal with aside from cash. I apologize in advance for this.
Tire 1
These will be given a much needed bath if a buyer steps up. It was a big job just getting to these. I will clean them up another day.


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Tire 2


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Tire 3


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Tire 4
If anyone is interested lmk. But all I can do is drop both boxes off at the ups store. The buyer will have to make all arrangements from there. I’m sorry I wish I could assist more but I almost gave myself asthma pulling these out with all that dust from the boxes. Which is why I prefer a local pick up but I would assist in shipping.


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Tire 4 more pics. Yes a little dirt built up. I will clean them before they leave here.


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Buyer backed out. As of right now these are a back up for sale. If you are relying on shipping I decided I’m willing to give a buyer till 5/1 to pick them up. But I need to be paid for them now. These will only be for sale till Wednesday 4/24/19 because I spent too much money. My pension goes into my account on 4/24 after that if they do not sell by then I will be hanging on to them.
So that’s the update for today
$350 for 4 pieces of history that will make your car stand out at shows
Ttt prefer local pickup
Shipping is expensive and turning away a lot of long distances members. Unfortunately there isn’t anything I can do about shipping costs. I priced them 50% cheaper then I’ve seen past 87 eagle Gt’s sell for on eBay.
Bump, I’ll take $300 cash from the first local Floridian who steps up. And I’ll buy you a beer (as long as you ain’t driving back home. Then you can have a soda) :D
This price offer is good till Wednesday 4/24 if they don’t sell by then I’m gonna ask the mods to wipe out this thread because I honestly want to keep them but I really need the money this month.
Either way everyone have a blessed weekend
Sold and picked up. GN intercooled is gunna have some nice Eagle GTs on his GN!!!!