4 wheel disc conversion?

shandy i was thinking the same thing what about a camaro setup
CHANCE said:
shandy i was thinking the same thing what about a camaro setup
Not cheap...I have a rear disc conversion...It was done in '95 I think. Around $700. I'll look for the reciept.
CHANCE said:
was it done ith junk yard parts
No, It was new parts from a doner model. Whe I find the reciept, It may tell what part from what car. I honestly dont know, its been WAY too long.
sdteb said:
anyone know how to do this cheaply?

I'm in the process of gathering all the parts to do an LS-1 12in disc front and rear conversion on my T-Type. So far I have all the LS-1 brake parts front and rear. I'm still waiting on my mounting brackets for the fronts to be cut but after that I will just need to gather the smaller stuff. Hopefully I will be getting started in the next couple of weeks. I've been talking with Bruce a little bit about this and getting pointers from him, this is what he has on his car. You will definately need 16in wheels.
great...let us know what it take to do it...part numbers..pics etc...thanks so much
I have the ls1 brakes on the front and in the process of installing a set of 92 camaro rear brakes. That caliper has the cable E-brake on the caliper. I will let you know how it goes and try to get some pics.