6.0 in a 84 buick


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Nice how does it run with the 6.0 ? You know your going to need that AC here in Texas or am I soft ? lol
its seating pretty at the muffler shop now and the ac is mandatory ima big dawg so thats a must u not wrong lol whats cracking my head at this moment as i type is my 85 grand national i cant find noone to get it right and i dont want to go inteercooled and loose originality or ls swap at that and loose originality so im stuck in keeping or selling
You might talk to Jerryl about your hot air car? In that, he’s had his for years and never could get it right. That is, until he converted to XFI. Now he’s got no knock and his car is running great, never been this good before, he said. With the new ECU-GN being out, you might find some who would be willing to sell their XFI?

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