6 takes out 12! Dusted a Jaguar XJ12

Evans Ward

Love those LC2/ Y56 cars!
May 24, 2001
I've had my car for about 1 1/2 yrs. Not totally new to TR's since I owned a stock 86 GN from 86-98. I've had a few kills none of which I thought were too worthy including a Celica GT, Bonneville SSEi, and Gran Prix GTP. My current car is a white/ dark blue 87 T w/LC2 and a definite sleeper as it is a chrome trimmed with wide rockers, cornering lights, heavy padded Landau with T-Tops- appears to be Grandma's Regal. Like a Limited with buckets and console. It has some mild mods including cat back duals, Walbro, cold air package, Thrasher 92, etc. On my way this morning to a business meeting, I encounter a late 70's Jaguar XJ12 4 door sedan with an older driver (appeared in his late 50's). I noted the 12 emblem on the rear end of the car which carried alot of bright chromework. Car was clean and straight and he casually passed in L lane on divided 4 lane road. Up ahead the light caught him and we both pull up to a stop at at the head. As luck would have it, this light is not in a populated part of the county and has a long straight. I really didn't have intentions of running the guy but he pulled out quickly to spur me on from green with me flooring it without building any boost. An we're on... battle of the geezers as I'm 42 myself! I started pulling him immediately and by the time I let off at 90 or so, I had 6-8 car lengths on him. I'll bet he was surprised to say the least to be beat by Grandma's car! He was cool about things as he stayed back and didn't do a fly by. Wonder what he thought as he probably thought about seeing my 3.8 SFI TURBO emblem from when he passed me earlier and when he got another view when I handed him his a**

Yes, in this case 6 does beat 12!

Evans Ward
Macon, GA
87 Turbo-T
70 GS455
An we're on... battle of the geezers as I'm 42 myself! Evans Ward
Macon, GA
87 Turbo-T
70 GS455 [/B]

:D :D LMAO... Thanks, needed a laugh today. Nice kill BTW.. (Im 32, not quite a geezer yet but closing fast).
Hi guys, I used to work at a Jaguar dealer for many years, I remember the first time I got behind the wheel of a Jag with a v-12. I was very disappointed, what a dog. One day I was in my 79 Bronco(400M, cam, 4bbl, fresh rebuild), a Jag XJ-S with a v-12 pulls up next to me, it was the service manager! So we raced, I beat him, the next time i saw him he said, "What the hell do you have in that thing". Jags are not very fast, maybe the new supercharger one is, but any old Jag is very heavy and slow.
Not knocking anything here, just adding info since I drive a GN and a 12cyl Jag. My dad's is a 72 XKE which he is nice enough to let me drive whenever I want. There is no question my GN would DESTROY the Jag off the line, and in the 1/4. MY GN does 12.2 and by seat of the pants I would guess the Jag would do a 14.5. But it's no slouch for a 72 British car! The thing is, the Jags like that were built for touring and handling (had 4 corner disc brakes before the Vette, 4 whl independant suspension, etc). That car can top out higher than a GN could ever safely see (stock). It cruises nicely at 110 and can reach 150 without a lot of fuss. And the thing really does pull hard and nice from a high speed roll (50-60) when you punch it. I love beating ricers who don't know what it is in the Jag, and my dad does too. The other day he was driving it and the civic tried to cut in front of him in a 2>1 lane merge, so he punches it and flies back ahead, kept the pedal down and the civic was a speck in the distance. he caught up at a light and his friend was hanging out the window pointing to the rear emblem yelling "I told you it was a V12!" Guys my age respect the GN more, but older guys, and the ladies are much more attracted to the Jag. They are both two different, awesome cars that I love to drive, and they put me in different moods when driving each.
Jeff C.
Old Jags from the early 70's are alittle faster, the ones I am talking about are from the 80's. The XJS has a 1/4 mile time of only low 17's, very slow acceleration. But they do look sweet and they ride very nice. The V-12 is very smooth and the stock redline is 7000 rpm. But with the 4 cats and a 2.88 rear, it is a little slow in that respect.
I happen to be way past 50, and unvite ya to come by some time (if you don't mind losing, <g>).
racing a Jag.,?. You poke sticks at folks using crutches to walk?.

(The above is meant to be humorous, other then the part about being over 50 <sigh>)

Let's see last night:
gave a NOS 3rd Gen the go, and walked him.
Late 80 Caprice no effort
Scared a Cobra (late model) so bad he wouldn't even come close even after I slowed to 35 in a 55.
tempo, well that was just a for fun thing <g>.

Had fun with a Blown Chevelle last week, but curves just scared em....