6157 turbo, front mount intercooler -- low miles


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Sep 29, 2005
Both parts installed last summer, driven about 100 miles, now I need money and ready to sell them.

6157 turbo journal bearing. High pressure actuator. Was hooked up to a turbo filter system for clean oil. 4" inlet. $800+shipping+paypal fees (will accept money order)

GN1 front mount. Hole in up-pipe for alky nozzle, and hole in other pipe where a BOV flange was installed. Can be patched by a decent welder if holes are not needed. 3" inlet/outlet, 3" pipes, this is the 3" thick version. $500+shipping+paypal (or money order)

Would be interested in a stock location intercooler, anything except a stock one. Even one with a Duttweiler neck is ok, just not bone stock, I still have a stock one of my own if I need it.
Worked fine, radiator temps were perfect, performed well. Only getting rid of it because I don't need it.

A trade is pending for a nice stock location intercooler.

Now if anyone wants the turbo, that's still available. :p
This turbo features the 61mm compressor wheel (2.416" Inducer/3.227" Exducer) and the new HP57 Turbine wheel (2.555" Inducer/2.227" Exducer). Has the "S" 4" in and 2.5" out compressor cover. The PTE .63 Turbine housing is used for fast spool up.
Last try. Putting my car back together this week and will stick with the 6157 if it doesn't sell.