77 Bandit Trans Am's being Re-Release


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Oct 23, 2011
Has anyone heard about this? Maybe I'm late on this. Burt Reynolds involved with remake of the Trans Am Bandit Edition. They say 849 horsepower to the crank. Only 77 will be made and signed by Burt Reynolds himself. I like it!

What's your thoughts?

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Like it a lot. Same platform as the Camaro but I like it more.
One sold at Barret Jackson for 550,000


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This concept has been around a while but not with that much HP and Burt's signature.

I have a 78 Bandit T/A and a 78 Y88 4 speed T/A and would love a modern version but this car is a Camaro. To get me on board and most T/A guy's the car would at minimum have to have the T/A dash from that era for that kind of money. It's just not finished enough.
Who cares that it's on a camaro platform? Its an awesome custom made muscle car that is instantly recognizable for its heritage. Limited edition low production equals instant classic worth big bucks for the lucky that can afford it. Pmd isn't coming back but damn that's one bad as a hot ride. So its got a camaro platform. That thing sounds mean as hell!
I like it, but the tail lights don't look right on that fat arse. Other than that it's pretty cool.
Not a fan for multiple reasons...

1) It's called a 2016 but clearly based off of left over 5th Gens. Having had a 5th Gen and now a 6th Gen no way in heck I'd pay that much for a 5th Gen... absolutely horrible car... compared to the 6th.

2) I don't care about the "Pontiac is dead" argument as yes, Camaro/Firebird same platform, however it's not appealing to me simply because the car they are using is influenced by a First Gen, not a late Second Gen like the original.

Just my personal gripes about it but I agree, for me, the "new" Trans Am to have was the ones Year One did...

Looks great though, they did a good job on the design and quality.