78 or 79 Turbo V6?


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May 24, 2001
That is the carb right number for a '79 LeSabre Sport Coupe (it's missing a zero).

Yes, it is possible to have a '78 short block with a '79 Heads. The -'78 and '79- heads will interchange.

The '79 turbo setup will also bolt to '78 heads, but there will be a port mismatch. So if it is a '78 block with a '79 turbo setup, The heads could be either '78 or '79. (Not a big problem as '79 thru '87 heads are basically the same and easy to find in a junkyard.)

The '78 1261438 block was also used in non-turbo application accoring to the TR website, so it may not have turbo internals. I would assume it is not a turbo short block. It was very common to replace turbo blocks with non-turbo blocks :(

I would get the casting numbers off the intake and passenger side exhaust manifold to ID the system's year.

The casting numbers for the heads would be very useful to figure out what year they are. They are under the valve covers.

This page has some casting numbers: