83 hot air in a 83 olds


In over my head
Apr 26, 2008
For those that have missed this thread becouse it disapeared some how?.I think it has inspired a few people also to go with this setup in their n/a vehicles.
100_0290_(Small) (Large).jpg

100_0291_(Medium) (Large).jpg

100_0292_(Small) (Large).jpg

100_0293_(Small) (Large).jpg

100_0294_(Small) (Large).jpg
Still working out the kinks right now the car is running strong.Got the bq trans squared away thanks to bison and a few others on the site(Thanks).

I need to install 3.42 rear,alcohol injection,Get The a/c in the car.(daily driver)I had to custom fabricate the a/c brackets Thanks to a schematic of the brackets doanted to me from this site.:) That thread is also gone?

Im going to post a video of it in action real soon. Thanks to all for helping me out. Great site.:cool:
Nice car and great job BTW. I wish I would've had the time to do this on my 87 limited when I had it. I probably would have kept it.
When I had my 84 Regal, which was a n/a 3.8 non turbo car, I had considered the same thing you're doing. In the end I ended up selling the car, due to a move and because I learned I'd be money and time ahead to just buy an intercooled car.

But I do give props to those who want to run the carbed hot air set up.