85 GN w/87 motor tastefully modified

I am selling my 1985 Buick GN. I have had the car for 6 years. When I bought it it had the original 85 hotair motor. I sold that and bought a rebuilt stock 87 motor and harness. The body of the car has 95,000 miles and the motor has maybe 15,000. The car was repainted. It is not perfect but looks great there are some small chips on rear quarters and in front. Not bad but want to be honest. I'm asking 16,000 or trade for a duramax, suv, C5, G8, or 4WD truck or let me know what you have. I would throw in some cash for the right trade.

EnginePorted stock heads-500 miles ago
-New valves
-New springs
RJC headgaskets-500 miles ago
Head studs
PT 70 turbo with a p-trim wheel
Ford power Stroke intercooler
LS1 Mass Air Flow Sensor
RJC Power Plate
4" Big mouth cold air intake
Razor's alky injection
Keith mease 3" down pipe
3" ATR single shot exhaust with cut out
TA performance headers
Power logger data logger
lc-1 wide band sensor with gauge
Turbo Tweak Chip
65lb/hr injectors
Walbro fuel pump with hotwire kit.

Freshly rebuilt by Jimmys
- His best rebuild
- Only has 300 miles on it
Vigilante 9" lock up 3000 to 3400 rpm

Rear end
Eaton Posi
Moser axles
New bearings and gears stock ratio
TA performance rear cover

6 point roll cage
Metco rear suspension
Body braces
5 under hood braces
Rear seat braces
Corvette Z06 Front brakes
(have the stock spindles and stock brakes complete)
Line lock
SIMMONS wheels
BFG tires with only 500 miles on them
PST suspension bushings in the front end
Front lowering springs
Corbeau seats
Corbeau 5 point harnesses
Fiberglass front and rear bumpers
Driveshaft loop

The car does not have AC or Heat.

I have a car cover for it and 2 extra 85 GN wheels for slicks and extra parts that I would give you.
Also Have 25 gallons of methanol I will throw in.


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More Pictures

Here are a few more


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New price

15,000 and again open to trades just no motorcycles. I just drove it this week end and it was running great and lookin good. Thanks Scott
More Pictures

Heres a few more pictures. offers trades?


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Just thought that the eariler pictures didn't do it justice.


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the 11.6 it ran was at how much boost?
Im guessing that if one wanted to put Skinnys up front they would have to swap the brakes or come with at least a 17" front wheel that would work correct ??
I ran that I think with 24 or 26 lbs of boost on a gt6131E (I think that was my old turbo) I am running 26 lbs now but had it up at 28lbs, just turned it down to run that much boost. It didn't knock at 28 lbs just didn't want it that high. Your correct about the front brakes. I do still have al the stock brakes and spindles which are practically brand new.