'85 T-Type GN clone for sale


Jun 13, 2007
I took an '85 T-Type in on trade with a group of other vehicles from a guy a little while ago. 108k, pwr windows, locks. I know it has 35lb. injectors on it. Car is kind of rough, but at dusk from about 20ft. away it looks bad ass. Been painted black with black trim and '86-87 GN wheels on it. Seems to have some mud in it. car drives ok, just has idle issues until it warms up........guy that traded it in said he put a "big cam" in it....it sounds lopey. Need TLC, has a couple small issues - little electrical stuff - when you hit the brake the marker lights come on, boost guage doesn't work. Car is strong though. It has posi and will bake the tires all the way down the street. Taking offers. will try and get pics up later today.