86-87 Gn T Type Servo


Undercover TURBO Brother
May 29, 2001
I am fixing my 85 T-Type tranny and would like to replace the mushy 85 servo with a BRF servo. Anyone got any idea of the part number and a price. I brought a "Super Servo", but I think it is going to be too much. I was also told the that a 200C servo would fit. I also bought a .500 tv valve at the racer's auction. Thanks for the help.

PS. I really believe that this is not the correct tranny, no BQ on the tranny anywhere. I bought two CZF SS trannys for $50.00 a piece:D. Maybe I should look into rebuilding the two.

Thanks again.:D
Have some left....

Servos are $60.00 a set. With seals. $80.00 with the inner steel piston which can be omitted anyway.