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Hey guys, I have a 2017 silverado 1500 1/2 ton pulling a 4800lb. 1/2 ton towable travel trailer. Have the sway bar and leveling bars. Do you guys increase your rear tire pressure in your tow rig when towing with a half ton? Also what is a good pressure to run in the 15 inch travel trailer tires? Thanks for any help.
Ideally you adjust your weight distributing hitch so it puts equal pressure on the front and rear of your truck.
I would increase the air pressure in both the front and rear of your truck tires, more in the rear if you have your truck bed loaded with gear.
The air pressure depends on the tire size and load rating. I would go with what’s listed on the sidewall.

I would go off the tire ratings on the travel trailer as well.
If the weight rating of all your travel trailer tires add up close to the loaded weight of your travel trailer I would run them at max pressure.

NOTE: When I have a new setup or change things (tires, wheels) I start off with the tires at max pressure. I mark the inside and outside edge of the tread (the part that contacts the road) with chalk an inch or two.
Drive straight for a block or so and see how much chalk is worn off.
Lower the air pressure until the chalk is a 1/4” or so from the edge of the tire. This will help let you know when the tire pressure is right for the weight so the tires wear even.

We’ve pulled ours through the Great Smoky Mountains and The Mountains (Canyons) of Utah and handled great. Could I have used more power, oh yeah!! That’s why we have our Turbo Regals.

The photo is just for fun.