‘86 GN have (5 ) original used stock 28lb fuel injectors and (1) 30lb injector for sale


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Feb 21, 2010
the mayors & governors were arresting hair dressers, surfers and DADS playing catch with their kids in the park. This week they’re ALLOWING people to loot, commit arson, and assault people, they even ALLOWED them to burn down a police station. These Democrats are a joke
It's now devolved to shooting police officers, running them down with vehicles.
Time for marshal law to be declared.
You show up w/ a weapon of any kind, shot on sight. Drive a vehicle near a demonstration, vehicle is disabled, you are removed, and go to jail. If you resist, you will be dealt with, with "extreme force".
And, to top it off, you will be held in detention, and will work on clean up details, until all the damage is cleaned up.

Trump is about to lower the boom on these assholes. One can bet, they're also following the money.