86 GN in EAST TX



I saw an 86 GN for sale in Pittsburg TX. I was doing some work for Southwestern Bell in Pittsburg and next door at a small garage I see a GN for sale. This thing looked bad but could use some TLC to make it nice. The engine was stock, clean and sounded good. The interior was nice but the headliner was missing. The body had a few door dings and the paint was bad all the way around. All 4 bumper fillers were cracked or gone. This GN had a Tow Hitch!!!! The guy was selling it for a coustomer so he did not know the whole history of the car except that the owner now drives a Vett and the GN sat for about 4 yrs. Not sure what this guy will take for it but the guy at the garage said it was about 6,000! The guy is open to offers and I'm sure no one will pay that for this car in this condition. I also checked the trunk code and there was no "G80" code so no POSI. I'm thinking this is more like a 4500 car. Let me know if you want the guys number.
Frank Martinez
I think it was around 43xxx, not sure but I know it was 40 something. The guy at the garage did not know if the clock had turned once or not. I do not have the funds for this car even if I could get the guy to take $4500. If someone is intrested I will call him or give out the number.
Hey my dad and I are interested in the car, do you have a number where we can contact him, and where is Pittsburg in respect to houston? Thanks a lot.
Here is the number
Pittsburg TX is in East TX near MT PLEASANT up towards Texarkana off I-30. It was about 3 weeks ago so hope the guy still has it. I do have a few digatal pics but they are at home. I can get them to you soon. Let me know how it goes.


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here are a few shots of the 86GN.
Sorry about the poor quality but my camara is cheap.


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