86 Grandnational,one of the nicest on the forum..

Let me know if it falls through...Shane pointed me to this car tonight....sorry I missed it.

Thanks for everyones interest in this car but if this guy dont come threw in the next couple days im keeping the car..
Thanks for everyones interest in this car but if this guy dont come threw in the next couple days im keeping the car..

The main reason for selling my GN was to upgrade my 68 camaro,I thought about if I did upgrade the inside like a newer car it would probably look funny in 20 years as that stuff will be outdated and the car will sport 2 generations of looks...This is what I was wanting
1969 Camaro Custom Leather Interior. Interiors by Shannon.com (Upholstery)

But today I drove the camaro on a 80 mile round trip and it just dont ride like the GN,it would need A/C and a nice stereo but it still wouldnt ride like the GN...The guy backed out of the deal just now(ran into funding issues),he told me to keep the $500 which im not sure if im going to do yet or not...Im just not sure if I want to sell it now...Its been a pain trying to sell in this market..I think tomorrow im going to take it on a little trip and decide what im going to do..I know one day I would regret selling it...
as much as i love this car... you still should keep it.. its a beautiful car.. Not many potential buyers could possible keep this car as clean as you do.. I seen all them damn detail bottles hanging up.. sit on it till next yr. then decide.. my 0.2 cents
The car is still for sale..The price is going to be $16,000 firm and that will include the complete stereo equipment(nothing removed),GNX factory badges that have never been used,extra buick emblems,new GM factory shifter handle in box,a big Grand National banner,a Grand National only parking sign,a box full of extra parts and factory boost vacuum lines from GM,Door handle covers and stuff like that,extra interior material And anything else I can find that can go with it as I need the room...Im offering this car for this price to forum members only...If you search Craigslist im asking 20,000...This price of 16,000 is firm 100% and again for forum members only,the only trade I would consider would be a nice big enclosed car trailer,that your giving me for a very good price as a trade in...I will include a trickle charger also...

You wont find a nicer car with this many upgrades and with all the stuff thats been replaced to new...I can put you in contact with the previous owner so you can see all the stuff he did also and how it was cared for..

"No other trades"....Please no tire kickers,the last guy I traded 24 emails and hours of phone time and tons of pictures just to have him back out at the end which really made me question even selling it...I will sell but would like to deal with buyers with the cash in hand and are ready to buy...
serious seller here...My sister just passed last night:frown:She is in Michigan and im going to have to be making a road trip to there in the next day or so..Any questions please just call 941-915-2680
Sorry to hear that. My prayers are out to you and your family.

Thank you...Im sick to my stomach,she was only 40...She has 4 kids,2 younger girls still at home,1 older boy still at home and 1 that is a 18 year old new mother that depended alot on her...The 2 younger ones will go to separate fathers that have allways wanted them badly...The one boy is freaking out and the daughter with the newborn is really scared..
Tommy:I am so sorry to hear of your sister's passing and I know that you must be devastated.I like to believe that when we lose someone close to us they still live through us and give us strength. The time we have spent with those we've lost makes them part of us.You and your family will be in our prayers.Stay strong !!
Thanks everyone for the kind words,Im leaving in the next couple hours for Michigan with my other sister and some family all loaded in my Excursion...I have a possible buyer on the GN that sounds to be a good guy that is military and would be picking it up this weekend while im gone,I will have friends here to help the wife with the transaction and loading of the car..They are bringing cash and I will have them check for authenity of the money of course...I wish I could be here for the car leaving but its not going to be easy watching it go so maybe its best...Thanks again for everyones support..
Im sorry for your loss of ur sister... couldnt imagine going threw it.. prayers are being sent out for you and your family.