86 T-Type Stock Rims


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Feb 5, 2006
86 T-Type Rims

I have a set of 4 86 T-type rims with the centers. These are the original equipment rims that came with the car. All in good condition. I also have extra used tires for them which I will throw in if anyone is interested.

$350.00 for all 4 plus shipping costs

email: duanepruett@yahoo.com
Good luck with those having same problem


Having same problem selling mine for some reason? Doesn't anyone want a spare set of t rims? :)
Your asking price may be a little high. The last set that I picked up that was in good condition I payed $255 shipped for them.
Well....if anyone can find a complete set with lugs and caps and in good condition for a better price....go for it.