87 GN INJECTOR problem


Want my GN to go 11's one day
Feb 11, 2007
I have this problem; on the inj. that i checked there are 2 wires one is brown and if I put test lite to the pos. batt. the brown wire will have lite on test lite with key off ,when key on & crank no lite on test lite. then the black w/green wire on the inj. will only show power on with key. I checked fuses all are good ;ecm org wire at batt. has 12v ; chip and ecm plugs are seated well any suggestions to try next?
You should have power to the brown wire on each injector with the key turned on and the test light grounded to the NEG battery cable.

The 12V test light may not light up when cranking if youare trying to test for injector pulse. A special low amp "noid light" should be used to test for injector pulse or a graphing multimeter.