87 GN project with extra parts and motor


Jan 18, 2006
Hello TB members,
I have decided to sell my 87 Buick GN project. I purchased it in 09 from the second owner. When I purchased it the car had not been driven for over fifteen years and was sitting in a garage for that time. It has approx. 88k miles and the paint is ok, but not show quality(has some minor scratches-however it's NOT fading). The interior is extremely clean with the only exception being the headliner has started sagging. It was missing the turbo, but other than that I could've probably tried to start it. Instead I decided to take it apart and restore it as a street/strip car. I pulled the original motor, trans, and most of the engine bay items. I have all the original parts that came with the car. I cleaned,degreased, and pressure washed the engine bay and entire under carriage. The majority of the frame from the doors forward has been painted with John Deere satin black. The stock rims have new tires on them. It should also be noted that both motors have been disassembled and I DO NOT want to part out. Package deal only. I want 10k bottom line - as I have way more in it or I'll just keep. thanks for looking.

The following is a list of upgrades and parts that come with the car.

It has a complete TRZ Motorsports front suspension:
tubular upper and lower arms
strange shocks and coil over kit (real coil over - NOT the the QA1)
bump steer kit
Also has Wilwood drilled and slotted front brakes.
I also had the spindles and the TRZ cup that goes in the frame for the spring mount powder coated.

I also have a set of rear upper to lower control arm connectors from RJ racecars (powder coated).

I have two bins of brand new RJC racing products that are included:
RJC 109 girdle
RJC crank scraper
RJC deep pan
RJC rear motor brace
RJC motor mounts
RJC aluminum pulleys (alt,crank,water,p.s., a/c,tensioner)
RJC head gasket kit
RJC timing gasket (felpro)
RJC Intake gasket (felpro)
RJC Plenum
RJC power plate
RJC valve cover extensions
RJC biggie oil filter adapter
RJC cam repair kit
RJC/ARP crank bolt
Accufab polished throttle body

I also purchased another 109 motor (with some mods) that I was planning on doing all the mods to- that is included in the sale. The motor consist of:

Stock 109 block
Champion GN1 Aluminum heads
Scorpion 1.55 rockers
Factory harness
ECM with unknown chip
Stainless Kenne Bell down pipe with external wastegate
Billet adj. fuel regulator
Tall Aluminum Buick racing valve covers
powder coated and ported stock intake manifold
chrome accufab throttle body
Chrome doghouse/plenum
Precision turbo 4431E (rated to 560hp)

Also included is a custom box enclosure with 2 JL audio 12" speakers and Kenwood amp.

I will assist in getting the car to a shipper-however buyer pays for shipping. And as for all the extra parts and bins I can arrange them on pallets for transport for out of state buyers (btw I'm in So.FL.)

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@highboostgn- Thanx
@Iceman - I'm in South Florida
@2toneWE4 - I'm not interested in separating the sale. I bought the extra motor because I didn't want to mess with the original motor. If I end up keeping it, I plan on doing all the mods/racing with the spare. Thanx for looking
Just wanted to add that I'm looking to move from my shop/warehouse (where the car is located). So if anyone is seriously interested and purchases the car before I move and saves me the aggravation of moving everything - I'll knock $200 off the sale price for a new sale price of $9800. Thanks again for looking.
Couple pics that I took with my phone today of the driver door and headliner. By the way the small spots in the second pic is where the headliner is sagging, which began when I bought the car and put it in my shop here in Florida(guess the heat took it's toll on it:(). When I purchased it the interior was and still is in great shape (except for those damn :mad: spots/bubbles in the headliner). I'm going to try to get better photos tomorrow.
Took some pics today; however, the car was real dusty from sitting on the top lift at the shop and it was difficult to get certain angles(due to the shop being unorganized -cause I'm packing and getting ready for the move). So I mainly focused on some interior pics. I did take some exterior pics and I wiped off the driver side fender and a portion of the header panel and driver door so you can get an idea what it looks like under the dust.


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Sorry guys but to anyone seriously interested, I just finished moving the car and parts today to its new location, so the price is back up to 10k firm. Thanks