87 Gn starting problem


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I have a 87 GN that has NEVER RAN RIGHT. The guy I bought it from promised that he'd get it running properly if I purchased it from him. Well that was in August and I have driven my car a total of my 20 miles since then. At first it wouldn't start ever and when it would if you hit the gas it would die. When you could get it to go into gear it would either die in gear or die when you hit the brakes. NOW I got the car back cause they werent working on it and this is my problem. It takes for ever to start. I mean it turns and turns and turns and will give a lil sound like its going to start but it dont and then it will and if you hit the gas to early it will die. If you hit it just at the right time it will rev and keep running. As soon as you let off the gas it dies. If you throttle it for 20 seconds or so it will retain an idle. What is the problem? (this happens when it warm or cold no difference, even after ive driven it for a while)
Start with the basics. Fuel, spark, & compression make an engine run.
Do a compression check on each cylinder.
Check your fuel pressure with the key on. Should be about 43 pounds.
Do you have any trouble codes in the computer?
Has Spark, Runs fine when driving. Its just getting it to start instantly is my problem. I dont like sitting there for 20 seconds cranking on it to get it to start. Im looking for a lap top as we speak to get the codes!
these engines do have to turn over once or twice to crank, old crank sensor technology. you may have a bad fuel pump relay- when mine went out, it'd take along time and i'd have to pump the gas to get it to fire. like heg87t said" key on, engine off- check your fuel pressure"